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Consignment Sales

Our consignment services allow our customers to sell quality jewelry at higher prices. The price structure is closer to retail prices and is usually greater than the amount received for a scrap sale.

man trying on watches in store

Sell Your Valubles

If you’d like to sell your valuables, but don’t want to throw away an original investment, consignment sales are a great way to get close to the amount initially paid.

Do you have a $10,000 Rolex and need cash? Rocky’s will not purchase it at retail but will give you $2,000 upfront, while simultaneously securing a buyer at retail price. When your Rolex sells for $10,000, you will take home $7,000. No other consignor can offer upfront cash on your consigned items. Only a state licensed dealer like Rocky’s can offer this service.

Take advantage of our no-hassle collateral and pawn services at Rocky’s.


  • Easy Setup – the process takes only a few minutes
  • High Commissions –you take 70% commission
  • Marketing – products are displayed openly in stores
  • Agreed Pricing – pricing based on agreements
  • Sell Close to Retail Value – earn higher profit
  • Six Locations – choose from six convenient sites


  • Precious Metals – like gold, silver and platinum
  • Diamonds – loose stones or set in jewelry
  • Jewelry – including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more

Stop in Today to Get a Consultation on Your Items to Sell or Pawn.