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History of Rocky’s Pawn Shop

In 1990 Rocky’s Pawn Shop first opened for business in Indio, CA. Rocky sought out to bring honesty and integrity to the pawn industry, and did so with this first location. Rocky’s Indio became a local landmark to the city of Indio and quickly became a premier location to fit the financing needs of the local community. Business grew quickly and to this day there is often a line out the door during business hours!

With the Indio store cementing its reputation in the Coachella Valley, Rocky decided to open a second store in Palm Springs. An old restaurant building was revitalized at the corner of Palm Canyon and Sunny Dunes. At this location, in 1994 Rocky’s Pawn Shop II officially opened its doors for business. Shortly after, Rocky opened a third location further across the desert in Morongo Valley.

This wasn’t the end of the Rocky’s Pawn Shop expansion however. With an increased customer base in Yucca Valley, the Morongo Valley store was moved to its current location next to the famous Route 62 Diner in Yucca Valley. Other stores were soon to follow located in Palm Desert, Cathedral City, and stretching as far out as Beaumont.

Rocky’s Pawn Shop Advantages

Friendly Staff

Enjoy a professional and upbeat staff at any of our locations

Top Dollar

Get the most money for collateral or merchandise sold

Cash Pay

We only hand out cash, no checks ever

Services Offered

1% Loans

1% Loans on collateral that’s held for 30 days. There’s no need to go into heavy debt when short term loans are needed. Our process is quick and simple. Call to find out more.


Are you in need of a loan, but don’t want to be tied down by any debt, no matter how small the sum? It’s easy to sell instead of pawn the items. We assess the value, and pay you cash on-hand. There’s also the option for consignments, where products are displayed in stores, to sell for a higher and agreed upon rate.


Our clients can enjoy high quality gold, silver, diamonds, electronics and more – all at discounted rates. We accept and sell a wide variety of merchandise and our savings trickle down to you.

Stop in Today to Get a Consultation on Your Items to Sell or Pawn.