Rocky’s Pawn Shop provides a low-fee and no-hassle way to get a quick loan – with collateral owned. Should you have jewelry, electronics,tools, or other items of value, these products can be used as security for a short-term loan.

Do you have bad credit?  Do banks say no?  Rocky says yes!  Solve your short-term cash need by borrowing money against the assets you already own as often as you need.  Everyone experiences times where they are in a cash shortage.  Whether it is overdrawn credit cards, discharge or seasonal work, an unexpected medical bill, or a delayed escrow closing.  Rocky’s is always there to help you in your time of need.

Borrow without a credit check or high debt. Contact Rocky’s Pawn Shop today.


FAQs for Collateral Loans

Only at 1% fee applies for 30 days.
There’s no obligation to repay. Simply walk away with the loan amount and call it a day.
If you’re in a tough spot and had to put up a sentimental piece in order to pay bills, you’re able to repay the loan and regain ownership once completed. You get four months to pay with interest. Following 30 days, standard California pawn rates will apply. 
Simple. Pay the interest rates applied, and extend for another four months. Rocky’s Pawn Shop makes it easy for you to get back on your feet.
Many of our clients present jewelry that’s made from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. In addition, diamonds, bullion, watches and electronics are other common items pawned for loans.
For precious metal jewelry, Rocky’s Pawn Shop loans up to 80% of the current spot prices, while taking into account the condition of the pieces. We have an experienced team who conducts accurate assessments of items pawned. Other items like electronics, tools and musical instruments have a lower collateral value. We loan around 10-20% of the MSRP price on these items.
Customers can rest assured that items pawned are carefully stored in secure vaults at Rocky’s Pawn Shop, a state licensed dealer.  The pawned goods will be available once the loan is repaid – according the terms and agreement.  A pawn ticket and loan number is provided for your reference. 
 Payments for pick-up are accepted in cash.  Money orders, checks, and debit cards can also be used to extend the loan for the customer’s convenience.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • There’s no credit check needed and the loans do not show up on your credit report
  • The whole process can take as little as 5 minutes
  • We underwrite the collateral, not the borrower
  • The use of the funds has no bearing on the loan
  • There are no other criteria – besides presenting an I.D.
  • Cash is available in stores – instantly

Time is money!  Don’t waste valuable time waiting to secure a loan
when yours can be approved at Rocky’s in minutes!

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