Rocky's Will Pay You Cash

Gold Silver Diamonds Jewelry Tools Electronics Vehicles

sell-us-yourDid you know that you can sell your stuff, rather than pawn it at Rocky’s?

Rocky’ buys items like gold, silver, electronics and more – for the best prices in town.

Do you have valuable items that are sitting at home – and gathering dust? Whatever your motive for selling, Rocky’s Pawn Shop offers the best prices for a number of valuables including:

  • Gold – we pay Cash4Gold. From jewelry to bullion to scrap, we provide fair rates for your valuables.
  • Silver – get paid for silver platters, coins, jewelry and more.
  • Diamonds – we’re willing to pay cash on the spot for loose diamonds, heirloom diamonds or even simple pieces.
  • Jewelry – that’s made from precious metals like silver, gold and platinum are our specialty. One of our team members values the jewelry items, and pays top dollar in-store. There’s no wait time involved.
  • Tools – get cash for unwanted tools sitting at home or in a garage. While countless online stores allow you to sell independently, our advantage is no wait time, while getting competitive prices.
  • Electronics – unload the clutter, or cut the cord for more physical activity. Whatever the motives for selling electronics, Rocky’s will pay instant cash for electronics.
  • Vehicles – get the money you need now. Same day estimates and same day cash are available for your car.

We Offer:

  • Fair prices to customers based on market estimates.
  • Instant cash for items sold to Rocky’s Pawn Shop. There’s no hassle, and no wait time.
  • Pawn services should you want to retain your item. Get a 1% interest rate within the first 30 days.
  • Experienced and friendly staff. Get serviced in a timely and professional manner.

Items stored in the attic or basement could be worth thousands. Come into one of our six Rocky’s Pawn locations. We buy a wide variety of items – not just one niche alone.

If you’re short on cash, and low on time, raise funds fast – with items already owned.