Pay a visit to Rocky’s Pawn Shop and get cash in minutes for silver items you own. No matter what was originally paid for silver, these items may be worth more today.

cash-For-Sterling-SilverRocky’s Advantage

  • We pay competitive prices
  • We pay on the spot
  • We buy or loan on silver in new, used and salvaged conditions
  • We understand the details of silver trading
  • We’re located in six destinations

Sell Silver Items

  • Sell Silver Jewelry
  • Sell Silver Dishes
  • Sell Silver Flatware
  • Sell Silver Cups and Bowls
  • Sell Your Silver Dollars
  • Sell Silver Coins, Bars or Rounds
  • Sell Sterling Silver
  • Sell Broken and Scrap Pieces of Sterling Silver

Rocky’s derives the value of silver at fair rates – always taking in the current spot price of silver into account when purchasing or loaning. We evaluate silver items based on the quality mark of silver.

Questions About Selling Silver

Yes, and the process is easy.

Our customers can pawn items at a low interest rate of 1% for up to 30 days. The loan amount when pawning silver can be up to 80% of the current precious metal price.

Silver bullion in other currencies like those from Mexico or Canada for instance are welcomed at Rocky’s. We have an in-house estimator to calculate the accurate value of silver.

We believe every cloud has a silver lining. If you’re short on cash for paying bills or handling an emergency, there’s hope even if you have bad credit or are unable to get a traditional loan.

Perhaps you own silver that was gifted or handed down as an heirloom piece. Whatever the case may be, Rocky’s helps you ditch the rock-and-a-hard place mentality by serving up cash for your silver flatware, jewelry and much more.

Rocky’s has a well-trained team that understands the facts and history of silver items, so you’re never nickel-and-dimed for precious silver.


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