best-of-valleyYou’ve heard the craze about selling gold. If you’re really in a tight spot financially, it may be time to take action. Rocky’s Pawn Shop received a golden award for “Best of the Valley” when it comes to buying gold.


  • Get top dollar for your gold. Compare our quotes to others in the locale
  • Benefit from accurate assessments by Rocky’s certified personnel
  • Rocky’s Pawn Shop buys gold in all conditions including items that may be damaged
  • We’ve been in business for more than 20 Years. Our customers trust us.
  • We’ve helped thousands of customers get the cash they need – fast.
  • Select from six locations for added convenience. Search our about us page to find locations.

What Rocky’s Pawn Buys:

  • gold-and-silver-pile-scrapGold Coins
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Gold Charms and Medals
  • Gold Watches
  • Gold Bars
  • Scrap Gold
  • Broken Gold
  • Much More – call or stop in to learn more.

Sell My Gold Q's and A's:

Our professional staff examines the purity of gold using several methods such as the magnet test, electronically, and with gold testing acid. In order to provide the best quote, Rocky’s uses current precious metal spot prices.
To be sure, simply come in and we’ll do a true gold test. Note that gold may appear in a number of hues. Don’t second-guess. Speak to us today.
Choose between selling and pawning your gold items. It’s up to you. Should you pawn gold, you have up to 30 days to repay at a low 1% interest rate. Loan amounts are provided on a case by case basis up to 80% of the current spot price.
To sell or pawn gold items, the only added documentation needed is an official I.D.

Why Sell Gold

There are many reasons why our customers pawn gold jewelry, precious metals and other items, such as:

  • Extra cash to cover bills. We beat the competition
  • Trading in outdated gold jewelry for cash – to buy newer varieties
  • Sellers may be curious about the value of assets

Even if you bought gold for a low price in the past, or the gold item has been broken – estimated values may increase due to the rising demand.  While there are many outlets to sell your items, Rocky’s Pawn Shop gives cash-on-the-spot, to make your dreams a reality – in minutes.  You have the golden opportunity to take action and turn your situation around. Come in today or speak to a representative to learn more.


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