Rocky’s layaway program provides a great alternative to make payment arrangements on items you’ve always longed for, but can’t afford right away.

layaway-piggy-bankWe Offer

  • Affordable services for everyday folks who are seeking loans
  • Popular items at steep discounts
  • Great purchase plans with our layaway program

Benefits Of Our Layaway Program:

  • Steep discounts available on jewelry, electronics, tools, vehicles and more
  • 10 for 10 – pay 10% down, and minimum of $10 per month for a range of products
  • No Credit Check – there’s no credit check or income proof required to secure items of interest
  • No time limit to paying off layaway
  • No Added Fees – means the same price applies until the item has been paid off in full

Who We’ve Helped

  • Pricey Diamonds – Never imagined buying a diamond due to the expensive price tag? Get a diamond engagement ring for a soul mate with affordable terms. If you’ve been turned down at other retailers, don’t worry, our layaway program is as simple as making a 10% down payment.
  • Invest in Jewelry – pay little-by-little – until it’s paid, for items you want, but can’t afford in full.
  • Bargain Hunters – We keep our stores well-stocked, and every day you’ll find something new. Get motivated and start the process today, whether you need a new stereo for the house or a drill for work.

Pay as little as 10% down to secure items that catch your eye. There’s no need to worry about meeting expensive monthly payments… Minimum payments are $10 per month to keep the layaway program active.


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