Our consignment services allow our customers to sell quality jewelry at higher prices. The price structure is closer to retail prices and is usually greater than the amount received for a scrap sale.


  • Easy Setup – the process takes only a few minutes
  • High Commissions –you take 70% commission
  • Marketing – products are displayed openly in stores
  • Agreed Pricing – pricing based on agreements
  • Sell Close to Retail Value – earn higher profit
  • Six Locations – choose from six convenient sites


  • Precious Metals – like gold, silver and platinum
  • Diamonds – loose stones or set in jewelry
  • Jewelry – including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more

Sell Your Valubles

If you’d like to sell your valuables, but don’t want to throw away an original investment, consignment sales are a great way to get close to the amount initially paid.

Do you have a $10,000 Rolex and need cash?  Rocky’s will not purchase it at retail, but will give you $2,000 up front, while simultaneously securing a buyer at retail price.  When your Rolex sells for $10,000, you will take home $7,000.  No other consignor can offer up front cash on your consigned items.  Only a state licensed dealer like Rocky’s can offer this service.

Take advantage of our no-hassle collateral and pawn services at Rocky’s.

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