Jewelry Appraisals

Our expert staff uses a 10x jeweler’s loupe to evaluate diamonds. Precious metals are also analyzed based on standard procedures examining the type of metal, whether gold, silver, or platinum.

When buying jewelry outright, we pay up to 90% of the current precious metal prices.

Pawn and Sell Non-Jewelry Items

Rocky’s Pawn Shop allows owners to sell a range of non-jewelry items for cash. Get paid for electronics, tools, instruments, and more.

These items are evaluated by current used sale value that’s weighed against MSRP prices. The item’s condition will likewise be evaluated to help determine a fair rate.

How It Works

  1. Bring items of value to Rocky’s Pawn Shop
  2. An estimator values the goods based on standard practices
  3. The owner agrees with Rocky’s at a price for which to sell the item
  4. The seller gets paid in cash

It’s that simple.


  • Get the most competitive prices when selling jewelry and other items at Rocky’s Pawn Shop
  • No wait times or lengthy applications mean you get cash in pocket, in a matter of minutes.
  • Take advantage of our low interest 1% 30-day loans. Repay loans within 120 days and items will be returned without questions or hassles. The choice of giving up ownership is up to you.

More Information

Selling VS. Pawning Goods

When customers pawn goods, they have the option to get back products when the loan has been repaid – with interest. Items pawned are used as collateral when getting a loan. The application and approval of loans at Rocky’s Pawn Shop are simple, as there’s no credit check or request for proof of income. All that’s needed is an I.D. and approved collateral.

Goods sold to Rocky’s Pawn Shop become the ownership of the pawnbroker in exchange for cash paid. The customer agrees to the valued price, and gets paid in cash, in store. The entire process can take as little as 5 minutes.

Come in to Rocky’s to discuss several options today.