Rocky’s Pawn Shop is one of the few dealers in the
valley that offers fast cash-loans at low interest rates.


About The 1% 30 Day Loan

The formula is simple: It’s a 1% interest for a 30 day repayment window.

E.g. John pawns his diamond jewelry for $1000.  The interest on this loan amount is $10 within the 30 day period.  John is obligated to pay $1,010 total. There’s also a minimal setup fee of around $5.

Loan Extensions

What happens after four months?
Should customers be unable to pay off the loan amount within a 120-day period, they can pay the accrued interest in order to extend the loan for another 4 months.  This can be done as many times as needed in order to regain possession.


After 30-Days

What happens when the loan goes over 30 days?
The standard California pawn interest rates apply.


More Information

What to Bring:

  • An official government I.D. such as a passport or driver’s license


  • 1% Interest For 30-Days – better than a payday loan, title loan, cash advance, or overdraft bank fees
  • No Credit Check Needed –  and no marks on the credit report
  • No Wait Times – simply get items assessed and walk away with cash
  • No Obligation To Return – walk away with the cash-value loaned
  • Extended Terms – get four additional months to repay with payment of interest
  • Confidential – we protect the privacy of our clients

Perfect For Those Who Are:

  • In a bind financially
  • Unable to get loan from a bank
  • Plagued by a bad credit score
  • Unwilling to ask friends and family members

Pawn for Cash

Don’t waste money paying increased fees from banks, title loans, or payday loans.

Instead, use existing collateral such as jewelry, diamonds, electronics, tools and more to get money fastand keep what you own. Simply pay the loan amount + 1% interest within 30 days.

Don’t dig yourself further down the hole. This option is excellent for short-term loans of up to any dollar amount depending on the collateral.  Reimburse by the next payday and get goods returned without hassles.


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